MapGuide on Fedora Core 5

Marcus Spurkel mspurkel at
Mon Jul 17 16:51:43 EDT 2006

Okay, I may be completely out of my mind here (as well as new to this 
project so I probably just don't know any better <g>) but I'm trying to 
compile MapGuide on my Fedora Core 5 server with gcc 4.1.1.

Having a devil of a time.  It basically boils down to running make, 
waiting for it to bomb out and then looking at and hopefully fixing the 

And there are lots of 'em!  Most of the complaints were of the "extra 
qualification..." variety so I just deleted the offending qualifier.  I 
also ran into the "explicit instantiation of non-template type..." error 
in ChannelBand.h.  The best solution I've found so far was to comment 
out the line entirely -- it doesn't seem to hurt the compilation.  The 
new gcc seems to be a lot less forgiving than the version that MapGuide 
is normally compiled with (3.4?)  This may be a fool's quest.

But I _did_ finally get it to compile!

I'm running "make check" right now (so far, so good -- it's an old 
machine so it'll take a while) and looking forward to seeing if it will 
actually work...

Has anyone else had any experience with MapGuide on a new system?

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