SHP Load problem

Yewondwossen Assefa assefa at
Fri Jul 21 14:05:54 EDT 2006

Hi There,

  There was a thread a while ago about loading sdf/shape files using the 
mapagent's load resource service. A detailed solutions was provided by 
  I was trying this today and did manage to apply the solution with sdf 
files but I am having trouble with shape files.

  The resource content looks something like this :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<FeatureSource xmlns:xsi="" 

I have set the Name parameter to diffrent values such as 
DefaultFileLocation, empty string, name of the file with and without 
extension. I have also played with the Value parameter (giving the path 
to the directory, givin the full path to the shp file ...) .

When I execute the load resource, the feature resource is created but it 
does not to seem valid. When creating a layer element in Studio, It 
indicates that the data resource is invalid.

As I mentioned It worked with sdf files.  Do someone know what could be 
wrong ?


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