configure parameters for PHP 5.1.4?

Marcus Spurkel mspurkel at
Wed Jul 26 16:37:40 EDT 2006

I'm still struggling with getting PhpApi to compile for PHP 5.1.4  It 
comes back with conflicting declaration errors.  Here's what I've done:

1. unpack the latest tarball from (5.1.4) to mapguide-1.0.0/Oem
2. rename the existing php dir (5.0.5 I believe) to php_old
3. rename the new php--xxx dir to "php" so it matches the old layout
4. cd php and run ./configure
5. go to Web/src/PhpApi and try "make clean" and "make"

../../../Oem/php/regex/regex.h:17: error: conflicting declaration 
'typedef off_t regoff_t'
/usr/include/regex.h:419: error: 'regoff_t' has a previous declaration 
as 'typedef int regoff_t'
...and so on

What's interesting is that when I swap the original php directory back 
in (php -> php_new and php_old -> php) the re-make for PhpApi works just 
fine so I'm thinking it's got something to do with one or more files in 
the two PHP dirs.  Specifically, it seems to complain about regex a 
lot,  but the regex.h files in Oem/php/regex are identical between 5.0.5 
and 5.1.4.  Can someone tell me how the php dir was "prepped" to work 
within the context of MapGuide so I can duplicate it with 5.1.4?  Any 
specific ./configure parameters that I need to provide or directories 
that I need to change/prune?

Much appreciated,

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