[mapguide-users] WHAT IS WMS and WFS?

Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Mon Jul 31 03:30:00 EDT 2006

In short, they are two services that allow a program/service to retrieve 
spatial data, using a web request (XML over HTTP).
The standard is  open, and most searches, leads to the specification.

WMS returns a raster image, where WFS returns feature data (in GML).

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GaneshShejwal skrev:
> I am very new to mapguide . 
> I have sucessfully created map /layout etc in mapguide studio and am able to
> view them in the browser. i use shp files to publish map.
>  I wanted to learn more about WMS and WFS. as of now i have no idea at al
> what it is . i would like to learn from the scratch. I had recently attended
> a interview and i was blank when the person asked me - What do you know
> about WMS and WFS?
>  What is WMS and WFS ? how is it useful in mapguide?  
>   Please get me started. I searched some tutorials but could not quite
> understand any thing other that they stand for  Web Map Service and Web
> Feature Service.
>  Please give me some reference , where should i start from.
>  I am new to GIS , but i have worked a lot on ASP and VB 
>  -Thanks 
> GS

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