[mapguide-users] WMS Error

Sacha Genoud s.genoud at mkreis.ch
Thu Jun 1 02:15:29 EDT 2006

Hallo Thomas

- MG Server Version:
- Capabilitiy document attached
- GAIA Version: 2.0.5
- i found no MG-log with the actual GetMap request

Thank you for your answer. Now, i know a little bit more about this problem:

I want to make WMS-server that works with data in the the swiss 
projection (EPSG:21781).
I tried several configurations in Layers:Service Properties and in these 
.../Server/Wms/1.1.1.xml.awd and OgcWmsService.config.awd

The client (eg. GAIA) should present the data in EPSG:21781. We tried
this with UMM Mapserver and Intergraph and it works. But with Mapguide OS
we became only a distordet imgage in EPSG:4326 (WGS84) or the error message

(559) MgInvalidCoordinateSystemException

Now i am very interessted at the proper configuration for my needs.


Thomas M. Tuerke schrieb:

>Hello Sacha,
>That looks like it should now be handled; WMS was an ongoing effort, even through the beta and RC phases of MGOS.  That message looks like one that's been fixed for a while now.  Still, you can help us to ensure that is the case by providing us with:
>  * The version of your MG installation.
>  * A sample of the capability document your install provides.
>  * The version of GAIA, and if possible the actual GetMap request sent 
>    from it. (That should appear in the MG logs.)
>Having worked on WMS client and server applications for a few years now, I've found one thing that's become painfully evident: OGC certification only applies to servers, and anybody can write a client and claim it to be WMS compatible.  Because of this, you'll find a numerous instances of "Tolerance and Forgiveness" in our server code, to account for sloppiness in client implementations... in short, not all clients are created equal.
>Since you're using GAIA, I should point out that a considerable amount of our testing was carried out using CarbonTools' toolkit as a client, so we know MG plays well with their technology.  We also played with a version of GAIA a while back, which seemed to be not as reliable as one sample app in their toolkit download, though that may not be the case anymore (I notice there's a GAIA 2 posted on their site.)
>- Thomas
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>i tried a WMS connection to MapGuide with GAIA and i get back this error 
>from Mapguide:
>(559) MgInvalidCoordinateSystemException
>Is there any documentation about WMS with Mapguide?
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