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Thomas M. Tuerke thomas.m.tuerke at autodesk.com
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Hello Sacha,

Thank you for this information.

One thing I can recommend to help you render in EPSG:21781 is to use the MapGuide Studio to provide the bounding information for that reference system.  Since the layer seems to be "published" (shows up in the Capy Doc) I'm assuming that you're already familiar with the properties dialog in MapGuide Studio.  On that dialog, there is an edit control where you specify the bounds for the layer in question.  The syntax is a bit arcane (that's scheduled to change, though... ;-) and for now, you have to be very careful about typing things exactly correct (case matters, and don't forget the ending slash before the close bracket,) but it goes like this:

  <Bounds SRS="EPSG:21781" north="..." east="..." south="..." west="..." />

where each ... must be substituted with the corresponding extent value expressed in 21781 units.  When you omit bounds information, WMS falls back to some defaults in EPSG:4326, and that's probably what you're experiencing as far as distortion goes.  The fact that 21781 isn't listed in the bounds explains the 559; I'm assuming that the GetMap request is asking for SRS=EPSG:21781.

(I'll also have to verify that 21781 is supported in the projections library.)

Try that, and see if that 559 error goes away.

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Hallo Thomas

- MG Server Version:
- Capabilitiy document attached
- GAIA Version: 2.0.5
- i found no MG-log with the actual GetMap request

Thank you for your answer. Now, i know a little bit more about this problem:

I want to make WMS-server that works with data in the the swiss 
projection (EPSG:21781).
I tried several configurations in Layers:Service Properties and in these 
.../Server/Wms/1.1.1.xml.awd and OgcWmsService.config.awd

The client (eg. GAIA) should present the data in EPSG:21781. We tried
this with UMM Mapserver and Intergraph and it works. But with Mapguide OS
we became only a distordet imgage in EPSG:4326 (WGS84) or the error message

(559) MgInvalidCoordinateSystemException

Now i am very interessted at the proper configuration for my needs.


Thomas M. Tuerke schrieb:

>Hello Sacha,
>That looks like it should now be handled; WMS was an ongoing effort, even through the beta and RC phases of MGOS.  That message looks like one that's been fixed for a while now.  Still, you can help us to ensure that is the case by providing us with:
>  * The version of your MG installation.
>  * A sample of the capability document your install provides.
>  * The version of GAIA, and if possible the actual GetMap request sent 
>    from it. (That should appear in the MG logs.)
>Having worked on WMS client and server applications for a few years now, I've found one thing that's become painfully evident: OGC certification only applies to servers, and anybody can write a client and claim it to be WMS compatible.  Because of this, you'll find a numerous instances of "Tolerance and Forgiveness" in our server code, to account for sloppiness in client implementations... in short, not all clients are created equal.
>Since you're using GAIA, I should point out that a considerable amount of our testing was carried out using CarbonTools' toolkit as a client, so we know MG plays well with their technology.  We also played with a version of GAIA a while back, which seemed to be not as reliable as one sample app in their toolkit download, though that may not be the case anymore (I notice there's a GAIA 2 posted on their site.)
>- Thomas
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>Subject: [mapguide-users] WMS Error
>i tried a WMS connection to MapGuide with GAIA and i get back this error 
>from Mapguide:
>(559) MgInvalidCoordinateSystemException
>Is there any documentation about WMS with Mapguide?
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