[mapguide-users] rasters, always rasters !

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
Sun Jun 4 10:46:09 EDT 2006

Yes it's a known problem that it messes up the world file when uploading. However, the server (specifically the FDO provider) does not use that file to position the raster -- instead it uses the information stored in the configuration file (config.xml) written out by Studio. That file is stored as a stream associated with the raster feature source in the repository. Looking at the exception message, something in this file is likely causing the problem you are having and you are the third person to report this problem, so there's definitely something wrong that we need to figure out. Are you using the last open source build of MapGuide?

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	Did nobody encounter problem to integrate his rasters?  The loading procedure
	functions very well, the repertory of the server contains well the hair and
	the tfw. My tfw is however modified during the loading (below):
	Original tfw:
	Tfw on the server after the load procedure:
	The data of Y axis is incoherent.
	I've tested to replace the .tfw by the original without success...
	Second way:
	when I want to post a raster (preview studio or a weblayout with raster), I
	have the following error in the log file:
	 Error: An exception occurred in FDO component.
	        Failed to de-serialize the spatial contexts from the configuration.
	  - MgOpGeneratePlot.Execute line 96 file
	  - MgServerRenderingService.QueryFeatures line 633 file
	  - MgServerGetSpatialContexts.GetSpatialContexts line 109 file
	  - MgFdoConnectionManager.Open line 263 file
	exception occurred in FDO component.
	Failed to de-serialize the spatial contexts from the configuration.
	I have 2 configurations of test:
	- One on Win XP Pro
	- One on Win 2003 server
	I have a friend who have no problem on Win 2000 server... my next way is to
	test that on this system...
	Last thing ! All my datas are loaded with arbitrary projection X-Y meters...
	if somebody has a solution?
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