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Tue Jun 6 12:23:12 EDT 2006

now we got it working with the map. The layer doesn´t display any grafics. 
I suppose it depends on the initial view of the layer.
We got now another problem. The grafic features displayed in the map that come from the MySQL db 
are not selectable, despite the option "features on the layer can be selected" is set to true.
This happens only on MySQL based layers.
Has anybody an idea?.
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Betreff: MySQL - no geo data displayed

	I set up an MySQL DB with some geometric data. With AutoCAD 2007 I can load the data an see everything.  
	With MapGuide Studio the connection to the MySQL works (connection successful).  
	I can choose the geo-column of the selected table in the layer setup but there is no data displayed, neither in a layer nor in a map.
	Has anybody an idea what went wrong?
	Best regards

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