Road map for MapGuide Studio post Oct

kalpesh kalpesh at
Wed Jun 7 02:08:53 EDT 2006

Most of us are using MapGuide Studio (trial version) for authoring maps and
using them with the MapGuide Server Open Source. 
The caveat is that the Studio is free only until Oct 2006 when AutoDesk is
going to come out with the Enterprise Edition of Studio. I have a few
queries around these topics,

1. Is MapGuide Studio the only environment to author maps to be used with MG
Server or are there any alternative open source tools available ?

2. What would be the approximate costing for the Enterprise edition of
MapGuide Studion  

3. Would there be a Standard edition of MG Studio w/o support for spatial
data providers viz. Oracle Spatial, etc

4. Are any of the users using the MG open source tools on a production
environment as yet? If yes, what are your plans post October 2006 when the
trials for MG Studio expires.

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