Problem with Querying a FeatureService

Robert Leeman rleeman at
Wed Jun 7 10:36:16 EDT 2006

Hi All:

I am making an application similar to the 'find parcels' tool  in the 
Sheboygan demo.  Ajax/PHP.  Everything is working great except that I can't 
read numeric atrributes from the source file, which is an SDF file of road 
centreline segments.  I am getting a type mismatch error.  I am wondering if 
someone can tell me what Get methods are available for use with 
$featureReader in the code below.  GetString works fine for strings in this 
application (as in the example below).  However I can't extract real 
numbers, which I was expecting to do in a similar way.  I don't know the Get 
method that is required.   Actually, I would like to know all of the Get 
methods that are available for this scenario.  I can't find this in the 

$featureService = 
$featureReader = $featureService->SelectFeatures($featureResId, 
"ROADSEGu21", $queryOptions);
$sttype = $featureReader->GetString('STREETTYPE');

Bob Leeman

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