[mapguide-users] RE:WMS with foreign language

Thomas M. Tuerke thomas.m.tuerke at autodesk.com
Wed Jun 14 13:06:56 EDT 2006

Li Wang nin hao,

Thanks for the update.

We've opened a defect for this and are identifying the probable causes.  A software engineer may contact you for the particulars if they are not able to recreate the problem based on the descriptions you've provided below and in your original email.

Until it's fixed, though, you might want to avoid using Han characters.

- Thomas

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Hi Thomas:

Thanks for your quick response. I am in the B
situation. What I did is:

1. set up a WMS with Demis in a remote computer.
2. set up a connection in Studio in another computer
to access the Demis WMS. the WMS layer is just like a
raster map showing land use.
3. set up several vector layers in Studio, such as
street, buildings etc.
4. save and publish all these layers.

The property table of the original map processed in
Demis contains some colums that are named in
Chinese(values are in Chinese too). If I take these
colums off from the table, the WMS layer works well.
If I leave the Chinese colums there, Studio failed to
connect. What should I do to fix the problem?


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