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Warren Medernach warren.medernach at
Thu Jun 15 17:23:06 EDT 2006

Hello all,
I am trying to create a search function similar to, and based on, the
'Find Parcels' sample.
Lets say I want to turn on (SetVisible) a specific layer based on
'which' parcel is selected.
Using the structure of this sample, I'm attempting to add this
functionality in the gotopoint.php (maybe that's my first mistake?), and
my question is; at this point in the app you have the SessionID, but do
I need to go through the whole process of making the connection  to the
site and creating the resource and feature services to get at the layer
object from the gotopoint.php file?
It just seems like I shouldn't really need to do this at this point, as
it's already been done in the findparcels.php?
Is it just a matter as passing these objects forward?  using hidden form
Maybe another way to ask this question is; how do I 'get' an existing
connection and/or service?
Any help would greatly appreciated.
Warren Medernach
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