[mapguide-users] No database connection via FDO/ODBC

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
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What kind of ODBC data are you trying to read (does it have geometry of its own or just attribute data for a join)? You can try to use the OGRProvider I posted on Monday to access ODBC data sources if the ODBC provider is not cooperating for your data. However keep in mind, that the OGR provider currently assumes the geometry is stored in a WKT format, unlike the ODBC provider which lets you set X and Y columns. It would be trivial to update the OGR provider to let you set X and Y columns also, so let me know if you decide to give it a try, I will add that feature.


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Hi all, 

until now I was not successful in connecting to a simple local Access database via the most recent downloadable FDO provider for ODBC connections. Generally it shouldn't be impossible, since once or twice I got a successfully established connection.

I'm successfully testing an "out of the box" MapGuide OS 1.0.0 (bundled, with Apache/PHP/Tomcat) and MapGuide Studio preview 2007, both together installed on 1. w2k Server (SP4) or 2. XP (SP1).

Previews, Layout management etc. work (mostly) fine so far, but as soon as I try to test the connection (either connection string or data source name), I permanently receive the previously mentioned error:

         "System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (559) MgFdoException. at ..." 

Only the "Refine data setup" is activated, allowing me to specify the geometry columns. 
The mgserver.exe process keeps the database locked, even if MapGuide Studio is shut down. The process has to be killed first, and then the lockfile *.mdl has to be deleted manually before any further access to the db is possible. Restarting or introducing "new" system databases did not help. What else?

Does anyone have any suggestions? (Or do we have a "raster-provider-like" problem? ;-) 

Thanks in advance! 

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