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Dear Mr. Stanev,
Thank you for your quick answer. I downloaded and installed your OGR driver, the OCI.dll is present, and the MapGuide Studio register for a new data connection shows me the columns for DataSource and ReadOnly. The providers.xml is updated, too.
However, I still was not successful even in connecting to a four letter (= minimal size) Access database. Continuously I get the "...(559) MgoFdoException Error...".
If anything I will check again for possible misconfigurations.
About the use of my DB: I want to create point objects from the X-, Y-coordinate columns in this database (like with MG 6.5), and show the feature data from the other columns in MG Studio's subframe.
A WKT-Column would be possible, but I will test that with that minimal test-DB at first. Others might be interested in seeing XY-columns too, so if you had the time to add this feature, it would be fine.
One question about the DataSource string for connecting (e.g. "OCI:system/dude123456 at orcl:MYSCHEMA.MYTABLE"): 
On Windows, with an Access-DB: If I am logged in as (MapGuide) "Administrator" with password "admin" and have my DB named "testdb" with table named "mytable", will it work with "OCI:Administrator/admin:testdb.mytable"?  I'm not yet sure about the "@"-term in this string.
Thanks in advance and best regards

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What kind of ODBC data are you trying to read (does it have geometry of its own or just attribute data for a join)? You can try to use the OGRProvider I posted on Monday to access ODBC data sources if the ODBC provider is not cooperating for your data. However keep in mind, that the OGR provider currently assumes the geometry is stored in a WKT format, unlike the ODBC provider which lets you set X and Y columns. It would be trivial to update the OGR provider to let you set X and Y columns also, so let me know if you decide to give it a try, I will add that feature.
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