[mapguide-users] Loading own data

Dave Wilson dave.wilson at autodesk.com
Wed Jun 21 15:23:35 EDT 2006

What coordinate system is your data in?

Can you build a new map using your own data? That should tell you what
coordinate system it is seeing if you didn't notice it had one from a
.prj file.

Otherwise you may need to reload your data and specify a coordinate
sysetm if you don't have a .prj file.


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Hi list,

sorry again for interrupting.

Since I set up my OG OS, I am struggling to load our own data.

I have followed the instructions on the "Getting Started" pdf file to
load my own shapefiles. I added them to the existing Sheboygan layers
but I don't see them draw on the map.

Since most of you are beyond this level, can you please share with me
what I might be doing wrong.

I can see the layers but nothing happens when I uncheck sheboygan

I am so anxious to see my own data work.

Thanks again in advance

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