[mapguide-users] OGR Provider w/ PostGIS Support

Curtis W. Ruck ruckc at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 26 13:48:41 EDT 2006

2) It wouldn't allow me to save it with an invalid property.  Adding the view to geometry_columns seemed to fix it.
3) I am trying to preview the layer and i have it on a map and view it that way.  Neither show the dots on the map.  There is a raster layer under it that is appearing.  
4) In the DWF viewer all i get in the map component is a grey color, and the layer list is missing.  In the AJAX viewer i get all the raster layer but not the OGR from PostGIS layer displayed.  On both i get an authentication failed in the right panel under tasks.  (I have reauthenticated a few times and that still appears, i am viewing as Administrator)

Hi Curtis,

2) I realize it will not validate in Studio, however you can ignore that
and save the layer anyway. The filters that validate in Studio are a
subset of the filters that work. 
As long as your timestamp can parse correctly in FDO and the attribute
name exists in your database, it should be fine. Filters are passed to
OGR unchanged, so *in theory* it should work as long as the filter is
both a valid SQL statement and a valid FDO filter string. In practice,
well... I've not tried it with Date/Time so you'll be first.
3) Are you previewing the layer or a map? If in doubt about the data, it
is always better to create a map, add the layer to the map, and set the
map extents to a known value (if they are not automatically set). Also,
what coordinate system is your data using?


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