Unable to Load Large ECW

Navid nfalconer at myeterra.com
Mon Jun 26 16:25:21 EDT 2006

I’m trying to test out some of the current capabilities for raster support.
I have the raster addon installed.  I loaded a smaller tif file and it
displayed fine.  


I’m now trying to load an .ecw file (using Mapguide Studio Preview).  The
file is 150 mb.  The load procedure is created successfully, but when I
click the ‘Load Resources’ button it processes for a bout 2 minutes, appears
to download to the server, but then ends without anything occurring.  There
is no error message, but the new data is nowhere to be seen.


To work around this I did the following:

1.	Create a new load procedure pointed at the large ecw, but I don’t
press the ‘Load Resources’ button.
2.	Copy the Georeference settings that were created for this data and
store for later.
3.	Rename a random smaller .ecw (5 mb) with the same name as the large
ecw and create a load procedure for this small ecw.
4.	Change the Georeference settings for the small ecw to those that
were captured from the large ecw.
5.	Press ‘Load Resources’ (for the small ecw).
6.	Browse my network to the server running Mapguide Open Source and
replace the small ecw with the large one.


After doing all this, I do successfully show the large ecw in my maps, but
it’s quite a few steps.  Is there a fix to the problem I’m having when
trying to load the large ecw?  Or a better way of doing this?




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