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It seems that the problem was that the FDO doesn't like spaces in table 
names. The error log said that the FDO was causing a "Syntax error in 
FROM clause". Is this something that can be fixed? It should be a pretty 
simple fix, really..since I'd guess that all that needs to be done is to 
enclose table names (and field names, for that matter) in square 
brackets (ie, [Table Name], or [Table Name].[Field Name]). The work 
around for me for now is to make another Access database and link all of 
the tables from my real database. In this new database, I just rename 
the tables to get rid of the spaces. But I can't really rely on his 
workaround, because having to change table names means changing a lot of 
other things for other projects (this database is used in a lot of other 
ways, not just MapGuide). Is there any chance that this FDO can get 
modified to account for these spaces?


Traian Stanev wrote:

> Start the server in interactive mode from the command line, using 
> mgserver /interactive. Try to preview your layer and see if any OGR 
> provider error/warning prints on the command line. Also, check your 
> server Error.log for any Fdo exceptions.
> Traian
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>     Same thing here...I can't seem to get any of my points to show up,
>     no matter what I do. Anyone have a step by step guide, incase
>     we're missing something? I've got my data in, and have "Geometry"
>     checked for my table...I have a northing and an easting field as
>     well as a projection. Made a new layer using that data, and told
>     Studio to use "Geometry" for Geometry (seemed logical
>     enough!)...but nothing shows up in my preview.
>     Andrew
>     Curtis W. Ruck wrote:
>>Wow, thanks, i added the view into the geometry columns table and it appears in mapguide....
>>Also date fields showup in mapguide studio...
>>the server stops crashing now that i can place a filter on the data...
>>Now i just can't get the layer of dots from my massive table ran though a view and filtered to appear on the map (ajax).  (The DWF viewer doesn't even show the other raster layers).
>>I have the style set to 0 to Infinity with a  black dot.... this query should have approximately 1000 dots showing...
>>Curtis Ruck
>>Curtis W. Ruck wrote:
>>>I know the OGR Provider w/ PostGIS is kinda new.  Because I think the
>>>mapguide set of tools has the best interface and ease of use I want to see
>>>it survive.
>>>I am currently having a few issues with this: 
>> > 1) When i setup the data
>>>layer in MapGuide Studio i can't choose a view from postgres.  I can only
>>>choose a table.  As a workaround i wanted to see if i could filter the
>>>data, which brings me to number 2 
>>I have reviewed the OGR Postgres/PostGIS driver code, and it seems that
>>if a named view were listed in the geometry_columns table it would
>>get listed as a layer of the file.  I haven't tried this myself to verify.
>>The following query is used to get a list of all tables/views to be
>>represented as layers through OGR.
>>SELECT c.relname FROM pg_class c, geometry_columns g
>>         WHERE (c.relkind in ('r','v') AND c.relname !~ '^pg'
>>                     AND c.relname::TEXT = g.f_table_name::TEXT)
>>I think this selects all relations (tables) of type 'r' or 'v' (which
>>I assume is table and view) for which the name does not start with 'pg'
>>and for which the name is in the geometry_columns table.
>> > 2) I want to filter the data on a
>>>timestamp field.  In the MapGuide Studio interface i can't select the
>>>timestamp field to do a filter with.
>>OGR 1.3.2 does support postgres timestamp fields internally as a date field.
>>Possibly date type fields are not handled properly by the OGR FDO provider?
>> >  3) Because i can't do the two top
>>>items, its crashing the mapguide server because the table i am trying to
>>>draw on the screen has some odd 300,000 records all with a geometry column.
>>>Other than that though it looks good, just wish it would work.
>>Crashing?  Hmm, I would have expected it just to be slow.
>>Best regards,
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