OSGeo FDO problem...

Andrew DeMerchant andrew.demerchant at gemtec.ca
Wed Jun 28 09:23:44 EDT 2006

It seems that the OSGeo FDO provider doesn't like spaces in table names. 
The error log said that the FDO was causing a "Syntax error in FROM 
clause". Is this something that can be fixed? It should be a pretty 
simple fix, really..since I'd guess that all that needs to be done is to 
enclose table names (and field names, for that matter) in square 
brackets (ie, [Table Name], or [Table Name].[Field Name]). The work 
around for me for now is to make another Access database and link all of 
the tables from my real database. In this new database, I just rename 
the tables to get rid of the spaces. But I can't really rely on his 
workaround, because having to change table names means changing a lot of 
other things for other projects (this database is used in a lot of other 
ways, not just MapGuide). Is there any chance that this FDO can get 
modified to account for these spaces?


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