DWF Viewer 7

Walt Welton-Lair walt.welton-lair at autodesk.com
Wed Jun 28 15:44:01 EDT 2006

If you use DWF Viewer with MapGuide you should make sure you're using
version 7.  It was just released, and includes some fixes relevant to
MapGuide.  These include:

- fixed ActiveX control activation issues (see info on KB912945 at
- fixed a stream error if you have many layers or a layer with many
themes ("Unrecognized or unexpected sequence in stream")
- OnSelectionChanged event is only raised when the selection set
actually changes
- layer/legend control now displays a layer group even if all its
children are hidden
- updated icons in the layer/legend control

You can get the updated viewer at http://www.autodesk.com/dwf.


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