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Andrew DeMerchant andrew.demerchant at
Wed Jun 28 17:22:13 EDT 2006

Does anyone have any documentation on how to use the Invoke URL command 
in Studio? All that I want to do is go to a URL and pass some data from 
the selected point to that URL (it's an ASP page). So, for example, if 
the user has selected a point that has the name "test" in the field 
"name", I'd like to be able to lauch a URL like 
"http://server/page.asp?Name=Test"...I know that this can be done by 
using the layer properties ("URL Activated for Feauture"), as I've 
already got that working. I just don't want the user to have to hold 
<ctrl> and click to get to the page. I'd rather have a button.

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