SDF & Postgres Join problem

Bogdan Modzelewski Bogdan.Modzelewski at
Fri Jun 30 05:46:15 EDT 2006


At first I'd like to sorry for my bad english, but I'm not native speaker.

I'm new to GIS (and MapGuide in particular) and after 2 days of software 
  learning I've encountered a serious problem (at least for me) - SDF & 
PostgreSQL data joining.

I'm working with a simple test project in MapGuide Studio Preview. I've 
just imported small SDF file with a few polygons, created layer and 
selected that SDF as a feature source. Everything goes well by this 
point - data is drawed on a map and I can select individual polygons.

But then I've tried connection with database for automatic labeling and 
tool tips. So, I've created PG connection data and then edited SDF 
feature source to join with PG database by a key. Then I've gone to 
layer edit, selected "PGconnection" as a feature class, Data as a 
geometry (because I'd like to draw geometry from SDF and use DB only for 
labeling). Then I've selected DB properties I'd like to display, set 
Feature label and start a map. At first it looked like it worked as I'd 
want to - polygons were drawed and labels from DB were at correct 
position. But there is a problem also - polygons are not selectable 
anymore :-( Tooltiping also does not working. Of course map option: 
"Features on layer can be selected" for that layer is checked on.
When I change Feature Class to SDF polygon selecting works again, but 
I've no access to database data, so labeling doesn't work.

So, what can I do to correct this problem?

Now I've made a simple workaround - I've created a copy of layer: one 
using DB connection and second not. For a layer with DB joining I've set 
a line color the same like a background so features are not displayed, 
but labels are. Second layer draws just a features (selectable). But 
it's not a solution, for example tool tips are still not working.

Best Regards,

Bogdan Modzelewski

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