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Konstantinos Vassiliadis konstantinos.vassiliadis at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 11:03:55 EST 2007

Frank thanks for your reply. In the meantime, I found a source that is in
ESRI Shapefile and is based on VMAP Level 0 Global Base Map Data. I will
look more into it since now I am getting more familiar with this matter.

Thanks anyway!

On Dec 13, 2007 5:48 PM, Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com> wrote:

> Konstantinos Vassiliadis wrote:
> > I have downloaded the VMAP0 dataset. I was wondering whether it is
> > possible to somehow import these data to MapGuide OS Viewer or some
> > other client. Essentially I am looking for geospatial data about a
> > specific region in Italy - preferrably to be available in the public
> > domain but if not it is ok.
> > Any ideas please?
> Konstantinos,
> VMAP0 data in VPF format is pretty messy to work with.  In theory you can
> build OGR with the OGDI add on driver, and use that to access VPF data
> like VMAP0.  But that would be pretty challenging to get right.
> Alternatively you could use an existing OGR+OGDI build and ogr2ogr to
> translate the data you want into shapefiles or something similar that is
> more accessable.  FWTools includes everything you need
> (http://fwtools.maptools.org) but addressing VMAP0 data is still a bit
> hard.  For a VMAP0 Eurasian CD dataset sitting on disk as /mnt/cdrom/v0eur
> I would use the following datasource name for OGR:
>   gltp:/vrf/mnt/cdrom/v0eur/vmaplv0/eurnasia
> If you do an ogrinfo on that you will get layer names like:
> 1: libref at libref(*)_line (Line String)
> 2: libreft at libref(*)_text (Point)
> 3: tileref at tileref(*)_area (Polygon)
> 4: tilereft at tileref(*)_text (Point)
> 5: polbndp at bnd(*)_point (Point)
> 6: coastl at bnd(*)_line (Line String)
> 7: depthl at bnd(*)_line (Line String)
> 8: polbndl at bnd(*)_line (Line String)
> 9: oceansea at bnd(*)_area (Polygon)
> ...
> You can copy one layer to a shapefile something like:
>   ogr2ogr coastl.shp gltp:/vrf/mnt/cdrom/v0eur/vmaplv0/eurnasia \
>           "coastl at bnd(*)_line" -nln coastl
> But most interesting data from VMAP0 is available from other sources
> as shapefiles so my real advice is to dig up one of those sources and
> use it.
> Best regards,
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