[mapguide-users] Can anyone tell me why I can't do a refresh

Martin Morrison martin.morrison at edsi.com
Fri Dec 14 16:42:25 EST 2007

Refesh() or Refresh()????

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The frame hierachy problem aside, the function is called "Refesh()" not 
Also, most frames have a function called "GetMapFrame()", that will ease

the problem of finding the right frame.

Regards, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S

gom skrev:
> I have the following code in vb.net.  I get a javascript error when I
try to
> do the refresh.  If I place an html button in the page and execute
> parent.parent.mapFrame.refresh();  It refreshes the map with my group
> off.  For some reason, when I execute the sub as shown below,
> parent.parent.mapFrame is not valid but parent.mapFrame is.  Same page
> the html button but obviously executed differently.  The debugger
shows that
> parent is viewFrame in this context and parent.mapFrame is valid.
> the refresh throws an error saying object or method does not exist.  I
> like I'm missing something obvious but cannot discover what it is.
> have any help.
> Thanks in advance.
> Protected Sub RadioButton1_CheckedChanged(ByVal sender As Object,
ByVal e As
> System.EventArgs)
>         InitializeWebTier()
>         Dim mySiteConnection As New MgSiteConnection
>         Dim myUserInfo As New
> MgUserInformation(Session.Item("sessionID").ToString)
>         mySiteConnection.Open(myUserInfo)
>         Dim myFeatureService As MgFeatureService =
> mySiteConnection.CreateService(MgServiceType.FeatureService)
>         Dim myResourceService As MgResourceService =
> mySiteConnection.CreateService(MgServiceType.ResourceService)
>         Dim myMap As New MgMap
>         myMap.Open(myResourceService, m_CurrentMap())
>         Dim myLayerGroup As MgLayerGroup = Nothing
>         Dim myLayerGroups As MgLayerGroupCollection =
>         Dim i As Integer = 0
>         For Each myLayerGroup In myLayerGroups
>             If myLayerGroup.Name = "Group1" Then
>                 myLayerGroup.SetVisible(False)
>             End If
>         Next
>         myMap.Save()
>         Dim myKey As String = "mapRefresh"
>         If Not Page.ClientScript.IsStartupScriptRegistered(Me.GetType,
> myKey) Then
>             Dim myScript As String = "parent.mapFrame.refresh();"
>             Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Me.GetType, myKey,
> myScript, True)
>         End If
> End Sub
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