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I also tried converting it to SDF using the FDO2FDO tool and uploading that, but again nothing happened.

I'm beginning to thing that I'm not going to get anywhere with this tool.  I've seen comments on the list that indicate that you need the commercial Autodesk product to actually make progress.  Certainly, I'm finding that after getting the server and demo up and running, I've hit a wall.  What would really have helped would have been an end to end tutorial about building a sample application but I haven't found anything.

It's a shame as I was really impressed with the end results as illustrated by the Sheboygan application.

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I've managed to install the mapguide server and have the phpdemo up and running.  I now want to try to create something using my own data and I'm trying to use the Open Source Web Studio tool to create this but really getting nowhere.

I downloaded the world_borders files from here http://ioc.unesco.org/Oceanteacher/OceanTeacher2/07_Examples/10_MapGIS/ShapeFiles/vmap0/

I then created my own feature source and tried to upload the shp file but nothing happened.

Can anyone help?

Further question...  Assuming I get the above sorted, I presume I just add the feature source to a layer and then the layer to a map and it should work?

Any help much appreciated!

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