[mapguide-users] text layer with Capital Letter

btenbroeck btenbroeck at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 15:30:10 EST 2007

So, is it possible to bind a layer against a feature that has run
ExecuteSQLQuery via the API? (Did that even make sense?):confused:

I agree with Jason that a sql pass-thru would be great.

JasonBirch wrote:
> Heh.  Another benefit to open source: you get to read the code comments :)
> I remember a few sessions sitting with MapGuide Author on one screen and
> SQL Profiler on another trying to get the syntax right.  It always simple;
> some things (theming?, bounding boxes?) could make it pretty complex. 
> It's been a while though...
> FDO has a similar concept for the database providers, and MapGuide's
> feature service supports this with ExecuteSQLQuery and ExecuteSQLNonQuery
> (or something like that).  
> I wonder if there is any way that we could have an optional "Raw Query
> String" passthrough in the layer's data source definition so that power
> users could totally rock the system.  
> This would allow for some really cool stuff, such as ad-hoc joins, complex
> conditions, groupings (with aggregate functions), unions, and more.  I
> know a few Map power users who would be blown away by this ability also. 
> It would make the results set uneditable, but I think that's a given with
> any kind of derived dataset.
> Jason
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> Back on topic, I agree, it would be nice to see support for many more
> standard SQL functions in MapGuide or FDO (probably the better place to
> handle it).  That was one nice thing about MG 6.5, as long as SQL for
> whatever database flavor you were hitting supported it, it generally
> worked.
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