[mapguide-users] MG 2.0 BETA...question about Digitizing & Redlining

Maciej Skorczewski maciej.skorczewski at procad.pl
Thu Dec 20 06:00:56 EST 2007

Hi all!

My question is: it is posible in new MG 2.0 make Redlining?

Problem is

1. i whant to draw a line/polygon etc..
2. then i what to edit what i draw...(like in google maps)- so i can get 
any point of line and change coords...then save it...

i think that this is very expected tips for any web based gis aplication.

it is posible in new MG 2.0 , are there any function for that 

Maciej Skórczewski

ps.is there any online sample of new mg 2.0?
(i know http://demo01.dmsolutions.ca/mapguide/fusion/demo/)

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