[mapguide-users] Is there an easy way to replicate a site without rebuilding themes

James Card James.Card at calcad.com
Thu Dec 20 16:26:10 EST 2007

On Thu, 20 Dec 2007 11:29:02 -0800, PhilipM <philip at projectmax.co.nz>  

> I have a site that I am happy with.  I now want to create a similiar  
> site that connects to a different database.  I have copied the layers,  
> but when I connect to the new database all of the theming I have created  
> reverts to the default themes and I have to rebuild the themes.  Is  
> there an easy way around this problem?

No. There is a way that's easier than retheming the layer if your theming  
is even slightly complex. In MapGuide Studio open the layer that has the  
theming you want to preserve, use FIle > Save as XML to save the layer  
definition of that layer. Do the same thing for the new layer that you  
want the theming to apply to.

Open the two layer definiton XML files using your favorite plain-text  
editor (or XML editor, or even a diff tool like <URL: http://winmerge.org/  
>) and copy the theming details from the old layer to the new one. Next,  
take the modified layer definition XML file and load it on to the server  
using the mapagent interface at <URL:  
http://YourMapGuideServer/mapguide/mapagent/ >. Use the SetResource page  
to load your new XML file; the Resource ID needed for that page is one of  
the items contained in the layer definition (the <ResourceId /> element).

It is not easy -- but it is definitely easier than retheming a complex  

James Card

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