[mapguide-users] do i need MapGuide Studio from Autodesk

Mark Pendergraft markp at Meadgilman.com
Thu Dec 20 17:46:13 EST 2007

You do NOT need mapguide studio.  You can use the web studio that comes
with the MapGuide open source files
But I don't think the web studio will let you create layouts yet.  You
can of course create all of these via programming though.

That being said, MapGuide Studio is a very handy program, and only costs
500 dollars.  You can download a free 60 day trial from Autodesk here

I would recommend downloading a trial and using that to get your map
started.  After that, you can use the webstudio to do everything else.

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Hello~~~ I am new this MapGuide platform. Looks like
MapGuide Studio is a commercial product from Autodesk,
could you let me know a). how much this commercial
product costs?  b). is there any way to go by without
this component? 

Thanks much! 


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