[mapguide-users] Vista IIS7

Scott Hameister scotth at mpower-tech.com
Thu Dec 27 13:23:22 EST 2007

Yes it will work on Vista....I don't remember the steps perfectly...
I believ for some reason I had to install the IIS Services 6.0 Manager even
though it is not used.
Then in the IIS 7 Manager I had to create Handler Mappings for FCGI and PHP
For FCGI I pointed at 
Note the QUOTES were required

For the PHP handler I pointed at...
"C:\Program Files\MapGuideOpenSource\WebServerExtensions\Php\php-cgi.exe"

I cant remember Why but I believe I did this at the Default Web Site level
as well as on the mapguide Web Path as well....
Hope that helps some

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Is mapguide compatible with vista / IIS7. 

Keep getting errors when trying to view the login.php page...

Wondering if this is a known issue before I start investigating the


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