[mapguide-users] Selections and Highlighting (Open Source Coders specifically)

Scott Hameister ScottH at mPower-tech.com
Tue Jan 16 14:28:46 EST 2007

I've painfully found out through many trials that the
RenderingService.QueryFeatures object in Mapguide API only allows you to
select Map Features that are Selectable at current Scale.

And that the object Highlights only Show if the Object is Currently Turned

(Making things worse This is the Only Java Class that Bombs in Coldfusion,
it works flawlessy when No objects can be selected and returns a blank
Schema, but if something can be it Crashes)


I understand the coding for this and the reasons..for 90% of Applications


However We Have several that are used to being able to see selections in
ArcIMS of Objects that are not Available at the current Scale or turned on
in our Application.

We would really like to move many of them over to Mapguide Since they would
prefer it. 


Example: Searching for 80+ acre parcels through an entire County from a
county wide view.or finding soils underneath an object without having to
turn the themed soils layer on etc.

                        I would really like to talk with someone about the
source code and if this can be accomplished.  The Pin Thing is not what
we're after.


I've managed to go down the Feature Source Path.and Got to this Point :
MgGeometryFactory.CreateMultiGeometry(MgGeometryCollection) : Which is a
collection of Objects under the Selection Geometry of Objects on their Layer
filter.i.e. on ParcelCounty1Layer and ParcelCounty2 Layer

Now I could try to convert this into a Layer and select it, or theme the
layer to look like a selection.but it sort of defeats allot of the other
well coded stuff already in the product.


I sort of wish there were a flag in the RenderingService.QueryFeatures for
True-Allowing Selections On objects not available by scale False-The OldWay
or vice versa

And a flag in the Map Renderer that tells it where to place the Selection
Highlight T-Independent of the Layer the Selection is On(maybe even creating
a layer called selection) or F-Tied to the Layer so if The layer is off, the
selection doesn't show (The current Method).

.Is this even Plausible? If So it could be just an optional Flag with the
default set to the old way of doing things so no Apple Carts are upset..I
can give Dozens of real world examples for why this would be a Valid Project
to tackle.Unfortunately I don't Code in C, I'm really just a web programmer
and get Lost in the Open Source Root code, or I'd try this myself..but that
also wouldn't make it a part of the permanent API either.


Can anyone tell me if this is possible or show me a way to emulate this in
any code?


If You want to call me to get a better description or see a live example of
what I'm trying to do we can webex.just email me and let me know.I could
really use the help.or at least to be told If it just can't be done in the
API or by me using the existing API.

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