[mapguide-users] MgByteReader.ToString() Error!

Padungsak athellmott at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 21 06:48:07 EST 2007

This is my php code

    $resourceID = new  

    $map = new MgMap();
    $map->Create($resourceService, $resourceID, 'Calgary');

    $map_selection = new MgSelection($map);

    $bgcolor = new MgColor(128,128,128);
    $renderSrvc = 

    $envelop = new MgEnvelope(-87.75, 43.7, -87.71, 43.73);
    $byteReader = $renderSrvc->RenderMap( $map, $map_selection, $envelop, 
640, 480, $bgcolor, "png" );
    $byteSing = new MgByteSink($byteReader);
    echo $byteReader->ToString();

This is result after i used $byteReader->ToString();

ERROR: Invalid argument(s):
	[1] = "const string&"
The string is invalid and cannot be converted.<br>Invalid argument(s):
	[1] = "const string&amp;"
The string is invalid and cannot be converted.
Exception occurred in method MgUtil.WideCharToMultiByte at line 297 in file 

can anybody help me?


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