[mapguide-users] WMS or WFS Data Connection

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Tue Jan 23 13:16:01 EST 2007

I have found that there is an issue with how FDO interprets the WMS
layer definitions located at
'http://www.gis2.nrw.de/wmsconnector/wms/hangneigung' with respect to
layer hangneigung

  <Layer noSubsets="0" opaque="0" queryable="1">
    <BoundingBox CRS="EPSG:4326" minx="5.673" miny="49.9944"
maxx="10.142" maxy="52.7691" /> 
    <BoundingBox maxy="5856970.0" maxx="2779499.0" miny="5540279.0"
minx="2476553.0" CRS="EPSG:31466" resx="1" resy="1" /> 
    <BoundingBox maxy="5849530.15" maxx="3577127.98" miny="5545534.73"
minx="3261513.05" CRS="EPSG:31467" resx="1" resy="1" /> 
    <BoundingBox maxy="5847631.27" maxx="577026.2" miny="5543758.24"
minx="261533.79" CRS="EPSG:25832" resx="1" resy="1" /> 
    <BoundingBox SRS="EPSG:25833" minx="-149462.0" miny="5580271.61"
maxx="127822.0" maxy="5858091.88" /> 
    <Layer queryable="1">

If you look closely above you will see that hangneigung is defined as
both an abstract layer (It has a Title of hangneigung but not a Name)
and a concrete layer (with a Name of hangneigung and a title of
Hangneigung). FDO does not currently handle this situation. FDO will
parse the top level instance of hangneigung and add it to the schema
collection as an abstract base class with an FDO class name equal to the
title. FDO will then skip processing the next concrete instance of
hangneigung because it already exists in the collection as an abstract
class. If a user attempts to query from this class they will receive the
error reported below:

FDO Query can't be performed on abstract class 'hangneigung'

I would recommend that the user re-visit his schema and fix his layer
names to avoid the confusion. I believe that making both the title and
name of the concrete layer 'Hangneigung' (uppercase H) should solve the
issue since FDO is case sensitive.


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I try to configure a WFS or WMS Data Connection with MG Studio 2007 and
MGOS 1.1RC1, without success:

"references class (srtm) which does not belong to a feature schema" or
 "FDO Query cann't be performed on abstract class 'hangneigung'. "

Where can I find an HOWTO "Configure WMS/WFS Data Connection" with a
or a demo ?
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