[mapguide-users] MapGuide Open Source 1.1.0 Released

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Jan 23 14:37:06 EST 2007

There's a patch available from the MGOS site.
under "Links to Related Applications and Tools".  There are instructions
there for which patch to install.


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Hi All,
Brand new to the product and have installed Mapguide 1.1.0 with the 2007
Studio SP1. However I'm getting an error when trying to connect with the
studio "The studio version is incompatible with the site version". Have
been looking on the Autodesk web site, but not seeing any answers. Am I
missing something here? Is there some other patch that I'm not aware of?
I'm seeing different references throughout this trail but not link....
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