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Tue Jan 23 17:42:45 EST 2007

Ok, will do. 

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The downloads says "Note: The released MapGuide Studio will
disallow connecting to the MapGuide Open Source 1.1 server with a 'The
Studio version is incompatible with the site version' error
dialog.".......I know that it doesn't specifically SAY that it won't
work with 1.0, but it's sounds pretty implied to me (especially since
there's nothing on there about having to have a patch to get 1.0 to
work). Maybe you could just add a line saying that the patch will also
let you keep working with 1.0 as well....


Tom Fukushima wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> The patched version of Studio is able to connect to both MapGuide 1.0 
> and MapGuide 1.1 servers. Please point me to the documentation that 
> says otherwise and I'll update it.  Thanks.
> Tom
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> 1.1.0 Released
> That would certainly be much appreciated, Andy. I would normally 
> volunteer too, but in this case I can't....I can't install 1.1 on my 
> server because it'll break my existing maps...and I can't test it on 
> my own PC because that's where I use Studio, and I can't use Studio 
> with both 1.0 and 1.1 (not without patching and unpatching, anyway - 
> from what the mapguide page says). Hopefully we can get this figured 
> out for 1.2.
> Andrew
> Andy Morsell wrote:
>>  I would be willing to test it on my end.  I have both MrSID and ECW
>> that I could test against.  Or, I could test with the images that
come with
>> GDAL - I believe you had some MrSID and ECW images in the test images
>> directory?  I imagine other folks on this list would be willing to do
>> similar testing if working towards the goal to achieve support in
MGOS for
>> these image formats.
>> Andy 
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>> Andrew DeMerchant wrote:
>>> Ya, I'm the same way, which is why that "...Perhaps also for MrSID" 
>>> comment from Frank really caught my attention!
>> Folks,
>> OK, how be I will for certain produce MrSID and ECW plugins that work
>> 1.1.0 on Windows if I can figure out how.
>> Best regards,
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