[mapguide-users] Filtering a selection

Knight, Gregory Gregory.Knight.bra at cityofboston.gov
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I think the approach you need to employ here is to use the layer
collection from your selection and loop through the layers checking for
your layer of interest.


If you need more details, you can refer to this thread on the
mapguide/nabble forum:




Hope this helps,





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I want to be able to filter a current mapguide Selection just down to
items on one or two specific layers of the original selection set


Example:  selection.FromXml(Session.Selection)  >>>>> Gives Me Objects
on the Parcel Layer, Water Pipes, And Sanitary Pipes Layer


I would like a simple way to change my Selection using the Server API to
only Objects from this Selection on the Water and Sanitary pipes Layer.


I tried doing   selection.GenerateFilter(layer, layerClassName)>

But that doesn't weed out my selection but instead makes it bigger to
include All the Pipes as well as the original Parcels....What am I

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