[mapguide-users] Creating SDF3 files

Chris Gountanis cgountanis at mpower-tech.com
Mon Jan 29 11:53:43 EST 2007

I could be wrong but I think you need the new Map 2008 to work with SDF3
directly. But as said the Autodesk discussion forum would get you better






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Hi Jorge,


I don't think that you're likely to find an answer to your question about
Autodesk Map 3D here.


Your best approaches are likely opening a ticket with Autodesk Subscription
support, or the peer-to-peer Autodesk discussion groups.







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Hi friends


I'm trying to create sdf file with Map 2007 using Publish to MapGuide menu

It ask me for an URL where publish. I'm working with a notebook, no network
connections, Win XP SP2 and IIS, anonymous connection allowed, Windows
integrated authentication and loged in as Administrator but Map insist
asking for user name and password. 


What I'am doing wrong?


There is no way to save sdf files to a folder?


How does Map upload files? Is it needed an ftp site?

Lic. Jorge Rubio 

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