[mapguide-users] Preliminary MrSID and ECW Support

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Jan 29 18:53:35 EST 2007

FrankW wrote:
To confirm, this was with a single data connection,is that right?  
So you aren't seeing the problem that Chris is seeing?

Yes, all of my files were in per-format directories.  Specifically:


I was getting good performance with a single mrsid or ecw file
(sub-second redraws).  But generally speaking performance will
be negatively impacted by having to access imagery from
several wavelet supported formats.

Do you think that file size is a factor, or do you think that most of
the overhead is from poking each of the images to see if anything is
returned?  If the latter, then the enhancements we were talking about on
fdo-internals become incredibly important :)


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