[mapguide-users] PostGIS - what is wrong whit that? - my todo list

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
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The first thing you can try is -- instead of previewing the layer,
create a map and add the layer to it. Then set the map extents to the
known extents of the data. This will eliminate any extents reporting
issues and narrow down the problem. I will download your data and take a
look at it whenever I get a chance. By the way, when I tested the OGR
provider with PostGIS, I did the exact same thing as you -- converted
from SHP to sql and executed against PostGIS to get some data into it.


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I try to show layer who is stored in Postgresql Database (whit PostGis)

Pleas check what i make wrong:
1. I convert shp file:

->  shp2pgsql input_shape_file.shp table_name > output.sql
2. i put in into database

-> psql -U postgresql -d database_name -f output.sql

3. I use Studio to create a Data Connection

i use OSGeo.OGR ,
connection string :
PG: host=localhost user=postgres dbname=postgis password=passw

...when i check data connection all is OK (Successful connection.)

4. then i create a layer
  (it is comes form Studio)

Data resorce: Library://test/postgis.FeatureSource

Feature Data Setup

Feature class: ORGSchema:siec
Geometry: the_geom    (? i think that it is error or bad. what sould?)

after that i don't see 	anything (blank screen)

so what is wrong?

in this url are zip archive whit my files. take a look.

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