[mapguide-users] Tracing MGOS URL calls?

Andy Morsell amorsell at spatialgis.com
Wed Jan 31 20:42:10 EST 2007

Thanks Dave.  Yes, that was the tool I had seen previously mentioned.  It
works well.  I discovered that Gaia uses POST's instead of GET's except for
getCapabilities and Fiddler displayed the full POST content as well as the
resultant GML.  It also turns out that it does not spatially filter the
request - it always requests the entire WFS datasource.



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If the requests are all http then you can probably use Microsoft's Fiddler
product to capture the requests (assuming they aren't encrypted). It acts as
a proxy and intercepts/redirects requests through the localhost or specific


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I think there was some discussion on this a little while back but I could
not find it.  I am trying to figure exactly what a WFS client (Gaia) is
doing behind the scenes in terms of building it's request URL to MGOS WFS
datasources.  Is there any way to track full incoming URL requests to MGOS?

Thanks very much for any advice. 


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