[mapguide-users] Selecting a feature through PHP

George McLean gmclean at gorge.net
Wed Jan 31 16:58:17 EST 2007


I have a php page the allows the user to enter some search criteria and 
then to zoom to a feature based on the search results. This seems to 
work pretty well by passing coordinates and zoom scale to the ZoomToView 
function. What I would like to do is highlight the selected feature so 
it is obvious which feature was selected. I thought I could add the 
feature to a selection set and it would show up as highlighted. So far I 
have not been able to get this to work.

My first question would be is this the best approach to highlight a feature?

If so, the following code snippet shows how I am attempting to add the 
feature to a selection set so it will be highlighted, maybe someone will 
have some insight as to why it is not working (or a better way to do this!).

Thanks in advance.


              $agfReaderWriter = new MgAgfReaderWriter();
              $aSelection = new MgSelection($map);
              $bFound = 0;
              while ($featureReader->ReadNext())
                  $val = $featureReader->GetGeometry('geometry');
                  if ($val != NULL) {
                   $aGeometry = $agfReaderWriter->Read($val);
                   $aPoint = $aGeometry->GetCentroid();
                   $aCoord = $aPoint->GetCoordinate();
                   $x = $aCoord->GetX();
                   $y = $aCoord->GetY();
                   $aResourceId = new 
                   $aLayer = new MgLayer($aResourceId, $resourceService);
                   $aSelection->AddFeatures($aLayer, $featureReader, 1);
                   $bFound = 1; // found coordinates    
              } else {
                 echo "This geometry property is null <br>";

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