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Thank for your reply,

Can you pls inform me what provider support full sql syntax? I use postgis and it seem to be not support full sql syntax.
In my case, i can't use join tables because i need spatial relationship between 2 tables. For examples in Mapguide sample there are 11 districts. At first time, i want to hide parcels. Then i want to make a query to show parcels in particular distric and i want maps show parcels which are in that query result. In this case, join between two tables may not help me. I make use spatial relationship such as intersects or within in this case.


Ary Sucaya

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That depends on the provider. Some providers supports full SQL syntax.

I can't see how you can join tables with a filter, as that is the equvalent of the SQL WHERE construct.
You can try to setup a Join on the featuresource, but I have had limited success with joins.

Regards, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S

ary sucaya skrev: 
I was wondering if i can put a complex sql statement at 'Filter applied to data' textbox on Layer Editor. I need to show some data from my postgis table and sql to select this data involving 2 or more table.
ary sucaya

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