[mapguide-users] Getting Current Selection Attribute

ary sucaya ary.sucaya at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 4 09:57:40 EST 2008


I want to show a picture for every 'place of interest' object clicked by user. I make an association between place of interest object and its picture by its primary key. So every photograph has  a filename according to its primary key. I catch selection event and send selectionXML to php script in order to get primary key for this object and then show up the picture. My problem is I often get error as follow:

Error Message:
Failed to retrieve message for "MgConfigurationException". 

Error Detail:
Failed to retrieve message for "MgConfigurationException".Exception occured in method MgSiteConnection.Open at line 105 in file c:\build_bond_area\mapguide_open_source_v1.2\build_18.1\mgdev\common\mapguidecommon\Services/SiteConnection.cpp

I was wondering if this problem caused by too many SiteConnection opened, because everytime i do click and send SelectionXML to php script then php script will open a connection ($siteConnection->Open($userInfo); Is there another way to get an attribute value from current selection without send selectionXML to phpscripts?


Ary Sucaya

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