[mapguide-users] Get selected layers from server side

Kori Maleski kori.maleski at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 01:42:00 EST 2008

I think this isn't possible when using the Ajax viewer, but is possible when
using the DWF viewer.

Someone may correct me on that...

Use the Script frame of the Ajax viewer to fire a Form Submit Post to pass
your selection set instead.


Kori Maleski

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Is it possible to get a list of the map's selected layers from the server

I know I can get this by making an MgSelection and passing the selection XML
from the client to the server program, like:

$selection = new MgSelection($map,$_REQUEST['selectionXML']);

However, I don't want to pass a big selection XML string to the server
program, as I am passing by GET and the selection XML could be greater than
the browser handles. 

If I make the selection object without including the selection XML, like

$selection = new MgSelection($map);
$selectedLayers = $selection->GetLayers();
$numberLayers = $selectedLayers->GetCount();

PHP tells me that $selectedLayers is not an object.


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