[mapguide-users] Create feature source from FeatureReader

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I think he would like to use a fixed spatial filter as the LayerFilter. MapGuide generally assumes that the layer filter is an attribute filter and then combines that with an automatically computed spatial filter based on the visible extents.

MG Studio's expression builder does not allow you to set a spatial filter in the LayerFilter. That said, it *may* be possible to set one by directly writing out the filter string by hand, using the POLYGON syntax that you mention. Even if that works (which it probably will if the syntax is exactly right), I am not sure whether the MySQL provider will handle having two spatial filters in the query -- there will be two since the one that was set manually will be combined with the automatically added BBOX query that MapGuide always adds.


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I cannot guess what you wan't to do, because you mix the terms.

This is the basic structure in MapGuide:
Data Source (eg, MsSQL) -> FeatureSource (a connection to the
datasource, created in Studio) -> LayerDefinition (styling of a table in
the FeatureSource, created in Studio) -> MapDefinition (a collection of
layers, created in studio) -> WebLayout (toolbar setup and others,
created in Studio)

So, you cannot copy MsSql into the session repository.
You can manually run through all features in the database, and create
and SDF with the data, but this might be extremely slow.

Usually, the desired result is some subset of the data in the MsSQL
This subset, can be retrieved using a Filter, placed on the
LayerDefinition (equvalent to a SQL WHERE statement).

For further information on how to create/use filters, and how to create
a LayerDefinition in the session repo, consult the PDF version of the
Developers Guide (it should be installed along with MapGuide Open Source).

If you get stuck in the dev guide, please referer to the step that you
got stuck at.

Regards, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S

mates skrev:
> How can i make a copy of a layer??
> Primary is the layer stored in a MsSQL DB.
> Is it possible to copy it to a session repository ??
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