[mapguide-users] Mapguide with no map...

Marc Pfister mpfister at enplan.com
Mon Jan 7 19:50:24 EST 2008

I recently installed Mapguide OS on Ubuntu using the wiki pages and
everything seemed to install correctly.


Apache starts and responds fine. I get directory listings and simple
pages or parts of pages.


Mapguide starts fine. Watching the output from starting the startup
shell script, it says it starts up and is using the Proj 4 library.


Map Admin works fine. I can load data packages, etc


However, I can't seem to get any map output.


WebStudio works, though never draws any sample maps (though it only
wants to look at, which isn't the right place to look on my


The sample maps, like Sheboygan, don't seem to draw anything. I get a
blank page in the brower when I use the phpviewersample.


MapAgent works for requests like GetCapabilities, but also doesn't draw
any maps with the related tools. I don't know the extents of the sample
data, so maybe that's why I can't get an output from it. 


In any case, I never see any error messages show up at the terminal. Is
there a way to make it more verbose?


My next step will be to load a sample shapefile of which I know the
extents so I can give it more complete request for an area to render.
Are there any other troubleshooting steps I should take?

Marc Pfister
Geospatial Data Manager
mpfister at enplan.com
530/221-0440 x108
530/221-6963 Fax


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