[mapguide-users] Error: Access is Denied.

Ivan Milicevic Ivan.Milicevic at supranet.hr
Tue Jan 8 02:53:39 EST 2008

I have the same problem! It's not a MGOS problem it's server NTFS
permission problem!!! Probably you hae installed some update.


Try open any pae on that webserver, you'll se exact message.


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Server (Win2003, IIS + PHP) had been running fine for months but now I
am suddenly getting a blank page showing only this message: "Error:
Access is Denied." when accessing any page in my MGE 2008 site (map &

No configuration settings were changed (including IIS permissions...)
and this message has appeared out of the blue. I rebooted the server to
no avail.

Any idea where to start debugging? 



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