[mapguide-users] Calling viewer api functions from the main page

Ivan Milicevic Ivan.Milicevic at supranet.hr
Tue Jan 8 17:35:06 EST 2008

try parent.viewerFrame.mapFrame.Refresh(); od window.frames.mapFrame.Refresh();


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Subject: [mapguide-users] Calling viewer api functions from the main page

Hi all, I am trying to access the Viewer API functions from the main page of my application, i.e. the page that has the WebLayout embedded (or the iframe). I cannot seem to grab the exact frame from which these functions would be accessible. I tried using document.getElementById("viewerFrame").GetMapFrame() (viewerFrame is the name of the iframe) putting it in the onload function of the iframe but it returns "Object doesn't support this property or method". Can anyone help me in this regard? Thanks! uXuf 


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