[mapguide-users] Password change - Task Pane

Sašo Šlibar saso at sl-king.si
Mon Jan 21 05:44:30 EST 2008

When Administrator password is changed in MGOS 1.2. In the existing weblayout, inside Task Pane next message is shown:

Authentication failed. Please enter a valid username and password. Exception occurred in method MgSecurityManager.Authenticate at line 199 in file c:\build_bond_area\mapguide_open_source_v1.2\build_18.1\mgdev\server\src\common\manager\SecurityManager.cpp


I'm using IIS 6.0. MapGuide Virtual directory in IIS, integrated windows authentacion is not selected.


How to get rid of this message?


Sašo Šlibar




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