[mapguide-users] MapGuide OS and Oracle XE

Zac Spitzer zac.spitzer at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 18:05:09 EST 2008

It goes up and the goes back down again... that is quite normal.

how big is your source table? memory use is relative the the source size..

if you table has lots of columns it will slow things down as MG does a
select * from table so all the other columns
which aren't needed are also returned... the Map 20 odd ADMP* columns can
really exacerbate this.

One thing you can try is to generate a simplified version of your table...
no need to use data at a 50mm resolution
for a state map when one pixel is say equivalent to 50m on the ground.

The same data from SDF is rendered much faster than from oracle which makes
the memory use less obvious

On Jan 23, 2008 9:40 AM, Maciej Skorczewski <maciej.skorczewski at procad.pl>

> hi!
> I use MG 1.2 + Oracle XE + MS Server 2003 + CPU Intel D 3 Ghz
> when i use studio to get source and generate new layer from oracle
> database source i see that MG process expand RAM from (normal) 40-70MB
> to ...600MB and go up,and up...
> it is some bug? how many RAM should i have for this machine...it sounds
> like never enough.
> did you have this same problem?
> maciek
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